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2017 North Island Billiards Championship

played at the Otaki RSA on 27th & 28th May 2017

There were several surprises in section play.   Capital City's Mark Hannah caused the first upset of the Tournament with his confident win against Waikato's Darren Taylor. Darren Taylor failed to qualify.  Capital City's Ross McNab now has the nickname "The Giant killer" when he played very well to get a victory against Derek Gibb (CC).

Local Lad Mark Hannah has always shown promise in Billiards, his Dad- Robbie Hannah, a wonderful Billiard player himself having been the Otaki RSA Billiards Champion 39 times, has coached his son in both forms of Cue Sport, Snooker & Billiards.  Adesh Shekatkar flowed when beating Derek Gibb in their section play match.  Another very popular qualifier was Russ Delahunty who also with his computer, recorded the results and set games in motion so his performance was indeed meritorious. Mark Taylor was also in a tough section, but he did play very well and earnt his place in the last 8.

Quarter finals (2 hours) had Zac Guya (CC) getting up against "Giant Killer" Ross McNab (CC) 351-198, Mark Hannah(CC) bt Russ Delahunty(CC) 353-273, Wayne Carey (AK) bt Derek Gibb(CC) 286-150, Adesh Shekatkar(WK) bt Mark Taylor(WK) 518-337.

In the 2 hour semi's, Mark Hannah stayed with Zac Guya for some time with Guya's experience helping him to conquer Hannah 350-256. The other semi had Adesh Shekatkar always playing better than Wayne Carey and the score didn't reflect the dominance Shekatkar had while winning 400-349.

The 2-hour final had the current Waikato Champion Adesh Shekatkar taking the early lead with the popular Zac Guya, a past North Island Billiard Champion, trailing most of the time.  Guya's long losers weren't happening and these let him down badly but the reflection of the final score showed just how close the game became, Shekatkar winning 368-353 and getting his name for the first time on this time honoured "North Island Billiards Championship" Cup. Highest break went to Derek Gibb with a nicely constructed 111.

Adesh Shekatkar, originally from India, with a high tournament break in his home Country of 278, is an exciting prospect for NZ Billiards as he got his NZ Citizenship on 5th April 2017.  His results will be closely watched when he competes in this year's NZ Billiards Champs at the Woolston Club at Christchurch in July.

Also worth mentioning is that the ... whisper is out ... that a few of the Snooker players will be dabbling in Billiards after this year's NZ Snooker Champs . a wonderful thing to happen and once they get the "BB" - (Billiards Bug) they could quickly climb the ladder and some may become "dual NZ Reps" which some of our "greats" have already achieved.

2017 Barton McGill Open Billiards

2017 Barton McGill Open Billiards

played at the Papakura Club, Auckland ...  13-14th May 2017


Younger Snooker talent in the form of Cody Turner (Capital City) who played in the Clubs NZ Billiards Championship at Tauranga during the week and the 2016 NZ u21 Snooker Champion Mikey Stewart are both now `tampering' in Billiards,  this bodes well for the future of this wonderful Cue Sport game.  Also Gavin Kershaw (UK) visiting New Zealand on a working holiday added excitement with his entry into this tournament. 

NZBSA Board Member Neil Gyde was up from Wellington, evergreen 82 yr old Ron Milicich, English born Andrew Draper (WK) who is now living in and working out of Tokoroa,  Auckland's Wayne Carey,  and Darren Taylor (WK) who had recently played in the Christchurch Open Billiards `dealing' to the Southerner's and almost bought back a 'Christchurch Trophy'  to the North Island, something none of the Rugby Teams look like doing this year.

Section play was all 60 minute games with Grant Hayward (AK) going thru unbeaten.  Hayward, who has had a Billiard World Ranking #25,  only enters the odd tournament every year,  wins most,  but seems to prefer the 18 pocket game - "Glof".  He is a pleasure to watch, confident potter, a wonderful cueist with huge experience in Cue sport having excelled in Snooker, Pool and Billiards.

90minute semi's saw Hayward attracting a watchful crowd, was on fire with two century breaks .. 121 & 101 against Draper winning  573-111 . The other semi had the consistent Carey (47,54,84,69) getting past Taylor 525-195 .

2 hour Final had Carey (42,50,73) winning 517-245 over Hayward (42) who just couldn't get the flow on as he had done over the most of the weekend.

60minute Plate Final had Mikey Stewart winning over Englishman Gavin Kershaw in a close game 165-147

Breaks over 100 .. Grant Hayward 121, 101.  Wayne Carey 114,102,100

This is Carey's ...  120th recorded Provincial and NZ Championship's win !

Canterbury Billiards Championships

Hi all,

Results for Canterbury Billiard Championships

The Canterbury Billiard Championship was played over the weekend of the 22-23rd April at the Woolston Club.

8 entries were divided into two sections of 4 with games over 2 hours throughout section play and post section play.

The initial draw had a withdrawal of Peri Lilii due to ill health with Paul Wereta slotting directly into his slot in the draw. This made section two wide open with 4 good players vying for two qualifying semi-final spaces….

Section 1 saw Gary Oliver dominate winning all his games comfortably with a dog fight between Lyndon Bradford and peter Gormley for the other qualifying spot. Their match as it turned out was the last section play game and was a great fight out both trying to get that semi spot. The lead changed hands throughout the match and it was only ever going to be who was in front when the bell went that decided the match, as it turned Gormley was successful by 7 points.

Section 2 as I said was the tough one as it had similar quality throughout it. Wereta straight away caused an upset beating Peter de Groot… then accounted for Geoff Lilly… Maurice Lancaster got beaten by both Lilly and de Groot which meant the last section play game here too was a head to head for qualification between de Groot and Lilly. De Groot got out of the blocks early and managed to dictate terms over Lilly who was chasing points. De Groot lived off mistakes and although breaks were not big he was consistent.

Semi-finals therefore were Oliver v de Groot and Wereta v Gormley

And Plate semis were Lilly v McCaughan and Bradford v Lancaster

Plate semi went with the seeded players Lilly and Bradford winning, consistent scoring by both was the difference. Plate final was an intriguing affair with both players scoring breaks around 15 -25 consistently. Bradford managed a 43 near the finish and this proved to be telling as it was enough to pinch the match by 8 points 399-391

The main semis were both one sided affairs but totally different in relation to each other. Wereta and Gormley play was slow and deliberate with low scoring, Wereta prevailing over Gormley by 356-162

Oliver scored consistently over de Groot but could never quite push his breaks through into the century mark, he made 64, 92, 79, 61 and should have turned at least one of them into a ton. De Groot had openings but could not punish Oliver enough to put the pressure on him that was needed to stop his free flowing scoring. Final score was 674-297 to Oliver

So the final was repeat of last years with Oliver v Wereta…. Could Wereta’s resilience last? Neither player played well in the final, both looked out of sorts with the table… Oliver made bigger breaks that was all but still appeared frustrated with his play in the final. Two breaks over 50 a 79 & 63 was all there was to show by both players. Final score of 491-243 to Oliver looks dominant but both have a lot of work to do 11 weeks out from the Nationals if they want to make an impression in July.

This was Oliver’s 16th Canterbury Billiard championships. High break over the weekend was 128 by Oliver…

Many thanks to the Woolston Club for the facilities, (looking forward to the tables being done up for the nationals), thanks also to Bill Earle for his sponsorship towards highest Break given to Bradford of those who had not had a century in competition before… also to the CBSA for their contribution towards the tournament prize money


Gary Oliver

Auckland A Grade Billiard Championships

Auckland A Grade Billiard Championships

played at the Onehunga RSA, Princess Street, Onehunga, Auckland on 9th April 2017.

Tournament Controller:  Barry Littlechild

Isn't Cue Sport a wonderful sport !

Entries to the Auckland Billiards Championship where from ages 21 yrs old Mikey Stewart (current u21 New Zealand Snooker Champion) to the evergreen 82yr old Ron Milicich.

It was with much excitement in watching the youngster Mikey Stewart tackle Billiards. This is his first Billiard tournament ever, but Stewart showed his willingness to learn and his potting was sensational.  NZ Billiards needs a young talent like Stewart and with more games under his belt,  he will quickly climb the NZ ranking list. Mikey Stewart showed some lovely `touches' and displayed an enviable cue action which had spectators and competitors admiring and appreciating.

Hibiscus Coast's Bryce Good went thru the 75 minute section play games unbeaten, and the 2 hour Final was between Good and the 24 times  and current Auckland A Grade Champion,  Wayne Carey. The two swapped points early but Good failed to show the consistency he had in section play and Carey being well pleased to claimed this Akl A Grade Billiard's Title now 25 times.

Semi's: Bryce Good bt Mikey Stewart 244-157, Wayne Carey bt Ron Milicich  281-219

FINAL : Wayne Carey bt Bryce Good 403-269

NZBSA Ranking List Snooker only as at 31st March 2017

NZBSA Ranking List ...

Snooker only as at 31st March 2017

Taranaki's Mario Hildred finishes runner-up in under-21 Oceania Snooker Championship

Taranaki's Mario Hildred finishes runner-up in under-21 Oceania Snooker Championship

Cale Barrett and Mario Hildred ahead of the under-21 Oceania Snooker Championship final.

Cale Barrett and Mario Hildred ahead of the under-21 Oceania Snooker Championship final.


After a valiant effort, Taranaki's Mario Hildred came within touching distance of taking out the under-21 Oceania Snooker Championship.

Hildred, 16, was one of six Kiwis to attend the event in New South Wales earlier this month and finished runner-up to Australian Cale Barrett, losing 6-3 in the final.

Barrett would have gone into the final as the favourite, having beaten Hildred 3-0 in pool play, but Hildred was able to put up a fight in the best-of-11 final format.

The New Plymouth Boys' High School student sneaked his way into the playoffs after finishing with three wins and three losses in pool play, but came into his own in the knockout stages.

In the quarterfinal, Hildred managed to get the better of Australian Hayden Goode 4-3, before thrashing fellow Kiwi Pravil Kant 5-0 in their semifinal.

New Zealand junior snooker team manager Agnes Kimura said she was thrilled with the results the Kiwi boys produced at the tournament.

"It was wonderful," the current New Zealand women's champion said.

"Of the eight players to make it to the knockout stages, five were New Zealand boys. I don't think the Australians would have seen that coming."

Fellow Kiwi team member Louis Chand won the event last year, but was easily put away by Barrett in their semifinal 5-0.

Hamilton Open Billiards 2017

Hamilton Open Billiards

Held at the Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club, Hamilton on 4th-5th March 2017

Great to see Auckland's Bryce good back playing again, and Kevin Crighton (WK) qualifying into the 'last 8'. UK's Andrew Draper had a very close game with Darren Taylor(WK).  Adesh Shekatkar was on a 94 break when the `bell' went against Mark Taylor (BOP). A wonderful cueist with heaps of ability and knowledge of Billiards, Shekatkar has had a tournament break of 278 in India, and been in New Zealand for some years now, has married here and it thought by plenty to be a "New Zealand Champion" in waiting now that he has residency.

In the semi's, Paul Stocker (HB) bt Englishmen Andrew Draper and Wayne Carey got a off to a `flyer' against Adesh Shekatkar (WK) with breaks of 78, 119. 90 and 70 to avenge his defeat by Shekatkar who won the Auckland Open Billiard against Carey a week earlier.

The FINAL was another `Carey vs Stocker'.  Apparently, these two have played each other 110 times over the years with results being pretty evenly shared. Stocker is a terrific `hazard' player who has 3 'NZ Open Billiard' titles, a 'NZ Champion'  title and he has also been the North Island Billiard Champion 9 times. Carey is not short on `Titles' either ... 5 `NZ Billiard Open's, 3 `NZ Champion`,  and also 9 N-Island titles.  This final could have gone either way,  Carey opened up early with a 109, and this one break seemed to be the difference with the players matching points with a 140 point winning difference being in Wayne Carey's favour when the bell went at the end of 2 hours.

Quarters:  Paul Stocker (HB) bt Bryce Good (AK)  511-311,  Andrew Draper (UK)  bt Darren Taylor (WK) 444-422. Wayne Carey (AK) bt Kevin Crighton (WK) 570-248,  Adesh Shekatkar (IND) bt Mark Taylor (BOP)  686-291,

Semi's: Carey bt  Shekatkar 619-258,  Stocker bt Draper 522-243, 

FINAL:  Wayne Carey (AK) bt Paul Stocker 444-304

Highest break ... Wayne Carey 119

Plate:  Russ Delahunty (CC) bt Paul Wilson 360-209

Tournament Director : Mr Dan O'Sulllivan, Waikato.

Canterbury Open Billiards 2017

The Canterbury Open Billiards Championship was played over the weekend of 11/12th March at the Woolston Club

10 initial entries dropped to 8 and was decided amongst the entries to play 1 section of 8 so everyone present got to play each other at least once. Section play was therefore over 1 hour games with the Semi’s and Finals of the Main draw and Plate both over 2 hours.

There was some interesting results which ensued. Maurice Lancaster beat Peter de Groot, Bill Earle beating several players higher ranked than himself ( not that he can’t play, he is afterall NZ B Grade champion)

Biggest result thou was Darren Taylor beating NZ Champion Gary Oliver in the last Game of the day….. as Taylor has lost to de Groot, seedings for semi’s ended up being Oliver(1) v Earle (4) and de Groot (3) v Taylor (2)

Plate semis saw Peri Lilii play Maurice Lancaster with Lancaster prevailing 382-312…

Lyndon Bradford played Geoff Lilly and won 404-377… both close fought contests to the wire

Bradford prevailed in the Plate final over  Lancaster by 385-346 in another contest which could have gone either way

The main draw semi’s saw Oliver dominating against Earle with breaks of 88 and 109 to win 773-338 Earle not to be outdone constructed a good break of his own of 68 highest of the tournament

2nd semi saw Taylor with the aid of a century break of his own (neat 100) beat de Groot by 559-398 Taylor was looking ominous leading into the final and confident after beating both Oliver and de Groot for the 1st time in tournament play

Final saw Taylor raced out of the blocks with Oliver struggling for any form at all. With a couple of breaks in the 40,s Taylor was cruising along 100 odd points in front, Oliver finally replied with breaks 63 and 79 to get his nose in front by 2 points. Lead was tied twice more in the 2 hour period at 412-412 and 443-443 Oliver managing to grab the table with 3 minutes to go and compiling a break of 25 before missing and Taylor didn’t have time to reply. Oliver winning by 468-449

Oliver conceding in his speech afterwards that the better player had not won and that it was only his experience in finals that was the difference. Taylor will learn from this and be better for it. Also acknowledged Darren’s century break in Semi. Oliver made 4 in the tournament with highest break being 111

This is Oliver 15th Canterbury Open Billiards title

Massive thank you to all the players who entered, Darren for travelling from Hamilton to play, CBSA for their financial support to the tournament and Woolston Club for the excellent facilities and hospitality.

Great weekend had by all

Champion of Champions Billiards 2017

4th March 2017

The inaugural Champion of Champions tournament was held this evening under Speed Billiards rules at the Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club. An invite was extended to 2016 NZBSA tournament winners and the balance of the field was comprised of ‘wild card’ players dependant on ranking list position to make up a tournament friendly number.

Speed billiards was a new format for seven of the eight competitors and it became evident that strategy differs quite a bit from a standard game of billiards.

Quarter finals and semi-final ties were drawn out of a hat for 40 minute games. Players could also win automatically by scoring a 10-shot or making 15 consecutive hazards.

1/4s results were Andrew Draper 162 – Mark Taylor 122, Wayne Carey 219 (52) - Paul Stocker 120, Darren Taylor 173 - Adesh Shekatkar 163, Russ Delahunty 116 - Kevin Crighton 113.

Semi finals results were Darren Taylor 212 - Andrew Draper 114 and Wayne Carey 135 - Russ Delahunty 89.

Final result was Wayne Carey 113 - Darren Taylor 89.

Wayne scored the victory by making a 44unf with 15 consecutive hazards.

Congratulations to Wayne Carey - the inaugural winner of the Champion of Champions tournament.

2016 Association A Grade Billiards


Over 150 years of experience played out this Final!

Auckland Billiards AGrade
Played at Snooker World, 713 Mt Albert Road, Royal Oak.
Final: Wayne Carey bt Ron Milicich 556-227
Highest break: Wayne Carey - 98

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