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Champion of Champions Billiards 2017

4th March 2017

The inaugural Champion of Champions tournament was held this evening under Speed Billiards rules at the Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club. An invite was extended to 2016 NZBSA tournament winners and the balance of the field was comprised of ‘wild card’ players dependant on ranking list position to make up a tournament friendly number.

Speed billiards was a new format for seven of the eight competitors and it became evident that strategy differs quite a bit from a standard game of billiards.

Quarter finals and semi-final ties were drawn out of a hat for 40 minute games. Players could also win automatically by scoring a 10-shot or making 15 consecutive hazards.

1/4s results were Andrew Draper 162 – Mark Taylor 122, Wayne Carey 219 (52) - Paul Stocker 120, Darren Taylor 173 - Adesh Shekatkar 163, Russ Delahunty 116 - Kevin Crighton 113.

Semi finals results were Darren Taylor 212 - Andrew Draper 114 and Wayne Carey 135 - Russ Delahunty 89.

Final result was Wayne Carey 113 - Darren Taylor 89.

Wayne scored the victory by making a 44unf with 15 consecutive hazards.

Congratulations to Wayne Carey - the inaugural winner of the Champion of Champions tournament.

2016 Association A Grade Billiards


Over 150 years of experience played out this Final!

Auckland Billiards AGrade
Played at Snooker World, 713 Mt Albert Road, Royal Oak.
Final: Wayne Carey bt Ron Milicich 556-227
Highest break: Wayne Carey - 98

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2016 Canterbury Open Billiards

The Canterbury Open Billiards was played over the weekend of the 12th-13th March at the Woolston Club.

There were ten entries divided into 2 sections of 5. Section play being over 1.5 hours and post section of the Main draw being 2 hours Semi and Final. Plate ¼ and Semi were 1 hour matches with a 2 hour final.

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Auckland Open Billiards

20th - 21st February 2016
Played at Snooker World, 713 Mt Albert Road, Royal Oak

2016 02 21 16.38.07
Semi's: Wayne Carey (AK) bt Neil Clarkson (AK) 581-141, Ron Milicich (AK) bt Mark Taylor (BOP) 361-341.
Final: Wayne Carey bt Ron Milicich 492-267
Highest Break: W.Carey 92uf
Plate Final: Bryce Good (AK) bt Ken Goebel (BOP) 319-186