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If you follow the links from the home page you will get to the IBSF site where there are other links to the live scoring and video available. You need to be aware though that the video feed can eat into your data at a fast rate. If you are on an unlimited plan then fine but if you have data limits on your broadband then you may find yourself with a large account if you watch too much of the live video. The live scoring without the video won't use up your data limits as fast as the video. Enjoy watching but just be aware ..... cheers

We are working on getting a write up done but it does get a little difficult after the event.

With a big stick perhaps. Seriously though, the only way to beat Gary is to score more points than he does. Wayne Carey almost did it in the semi final. Gary puts in a tremendous amount of time into his game and until other players have the inclination and dedication to do the same then he will probably remain unbeaten.

The entry forms will be posted on the website when we receive them. In the meantime you could contact the regional associations concerned and see if you can be contacted direct. (see the Regional Association directory)

Hi Peter - You cannot join the NZBSA as such. What you need to do is join one of our regional associations who are affiliated to the NZBSA. This will then entitle you to play in any of the NZBSA sanctioned tournaments. Some of these events have residency / citizenship criteria so you would need to check your status. (see our NZBSA Policies page). There are two active associations that are not too far away from Palmerston North. The Hawkes Bay Confederation of Billiard Sports and the Capital City Billiards & Snooker Association. Follow the links for contact details on both of these. Hope you find this information helpful ..... cheers

A good point. I would venture that rather than Gary's result this year being a remarkable improvement, his performance at the 2009 championships was one he would prefer to forget.

We have passed your question on to the Chief Referee for the Tournament and will post his reply in due course.

There is no specific answer to this question but firstly, the NZBSA has no input into how rules are interpretated.
All referees worldwide follow the rules written in the IBSF Rulebook. As for guidelines it is clearly stated in the first sentence of Section 3 Rule 14 Foul and a Miss "The striker shall to the best of his ability endeavour to hit the ball on. If the referee considers the rule to be infringed he shall call Foul and a Miss.
Many points must be assessed by the referee, with the upermost being the ability of the player and the difficulty of the stroke being played. As this is a judgement call by the referee the decision is his alone.

No two referees are going to see any particular stroke played in the same light. It is better for a referee to be consistent within the match regardless on whether his calls are considered harsh or not. Hopefully the decisions made by the more experienced referees will offer more consistency.