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Update and Notification from the NZBSA President - Covid 19

To all Associations and Members

Clubs New Zealand today advised that they are cancelling all sport events in member Clubs until August 2020.

As a result, I must advise ALL Associations and Members that the NZBSA is hereby cancelling all Tournaments as arranged on the NZBSA calendar until further notice. This is done for the protection of all our members.


I hope that we can all get back to the game of billiards and snooker as soon as possible.


Any problems please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dan O’Sullivan



Media Release from the NZBSA


Hi all...

On behalf of the NZBSA Board we would like to inform you all that Cody Turner (2020 Oceania U21 Champion) and a NZ Manager will NOT be travelling to the WPBSA World Championship Qualifiers next month in the UK.

This has been upon the advice in the last 24hrs from the NZ Government re the Covid 19 Virus outbreak that is now pandemic world wide.

The board acknowledge the amount of support that Cody has recieved preparing for this chance of a life time to compete on the worlds biggest stage.

The NZBSA fully supports decisions made by the NZ Government and strongly recommends any Player...Official...Referee... for any cue sport code NOT to travel outside of the NZ borders until further notice.


Dave Judd



Bay of Plenty Snooker Open Results


Result bop

Eco Metals Open Snooker

eco metals poster 2020

City of Invercargill Open Snooker

city of invercagill poster 2020

NZBSA Web Site Upgrade

NZBSA Web Site Upgrade

Hi all.... The NZBSA will have a brand new website up and running in the coming weeks with new features and all devices friendly.

The website domain name will remain the same so there is no need to change anything on your devices.

Once the website main page is completed and tested you will be able to download the mobile app that comes with the website page.

As you may experience sometimes the website may be out off action for a period of time, we apologise the inconvenience for this as the web base developers will be working on the new site transferring files across.

More new features will be added once the main frame is complete and each regional association will be notified of the new changes and how regional association will have a part in this.

Some of the New Features will include after main frame completed...

.Regional Association own page linked to the main frame

Online entry and payment to tournaments

MB device appRegistration to your association

Updated Live stream and scoring added Live Results from tournament draw programme

Any questions contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Web Administrator






2020 Oceania U21s and Womens Snooker Championships

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Cody Turner NZ, wins the 2020 Oceania under 21, 6 -1 over Marc Fridman Aus. Cody just to good on the day, with clearances of 50 and 51.

Kimberly Cullen becomes the 1st NZ Oceania Champion since Ramona Belmont in 2013.

U21s Main

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Womens Main




NZBSA 2020 National Championship Dates

2020 nationals dates

Champion of Champions and Hamilton Billiards Open

Hamilton Billiards Open

IBSF reach agreement with WBL regarding Billiards

Wednesday, 17 July 2019 08:12

We are pleased to announce that International Billiards and Snooker Federation(IBSF) has reached an agreement with World Billiards Ltd (WBL) confirming that the two bodies will conduct and promote three annual Billiards Championships in two (2) year cycles as follows:

1.    The World Billiards Championship which will be held by the WBL in 2019 in Australia and by the IBSF in a country to be advised in 2020.

2.    The 150 Up World Billiards Championship will be held by the IBSF each year; and3.    100 Up World Billiards Match Play Championship will be held by the WBL each year.

The two international bodies have agreed to proactively co-operate to avoid any clash of tournament dates and to encourage players to compete in as many of these events as possible to maximise the opportunities available to the players.

The IBSF looks forward to welcoming players from across the world to Myanmar this September for the IBSF 150 UP World Billiards Championship and the Myanmar Open Billiards Championships.

To further promote the Billiards events in Myanmar the IBSF have decided that it will allow each Member country to enter as many players as they wish.

The IBSF also wish the Australian Billiards and Snooker Council all the best for the World Billiards Championship to be held there in October.

The Australian Billiards and Snooker Council were instrumental in mediating this agreement. It has taken a considerable amount of time and effort by all parties.

IBSF and the WBL are proud of what has been achieved, for the betterment of the sport. Players from all over the world now have an opportunity to compete at the highest level matching their skills against all comers.

Written by  Vivek Pathak - Media Officer, IBSF

IBSF World U18 and U21s Snooker Championships

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20190704 22110620190704 221156

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20190702 184459

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20190704 180508